About Treta Foundation

Our world today is laden with complex realities. Politics is increasingly polarised, ecological catastrophes are frequent, social disparities are becoming more austere, biochemical pandemic is no longer a distant possibility, and the global economy is still struggling to stabilise. It is not difficult to understand that such a stressful environment affects us deeply at multiple levels – mental, emotional, and physical.

As we move towards the ‘Energy age’, it is of utmost importance that we prepare ourselves to let go of the past and move into a new reality of higher awareness and accountability.

The Inspiration

Treta is a sanskrit word used to define one of the four yugas, ages of mankind. As per the ancient scriptures, we are now moving away from the Kalyug and transitioning into the Dwaparya yug (energy age), which will further ascend to the Treta yug, the age of universal magnetism. We will finally go back to the Satyug, completing the circle of yugas.

Treta also means ‘three’ representing different levels of our existence – conscious, subconscious, superconscious; or body, mind and soul; or past, present and future. The three verticals of Treta foundation follows this essence into building an integrated platform of Knowledge, Healing and Action.

Founder and Director

Sonali Mittra is a therapist, specializing in Regression therapy, Inner Child healing, Family Constellations, and Access bars. She is certified by TASSO International, Netherlands, Clover Leaf Academy and Institute of Holistic Sciences, India, and Access Consciousness, USA.Her current research focus is on transpersonal psychology, history of collective consciousness.

She has a wide-ranging work experience in multi-disciplinary fields – socio-political, environmental, international relations, and law. She was awarded the prestigious senior fellowship – ‘Queen Elizabeth II Leader in International Relations’ at Chatham House,London.

In her previous role, she was the program director for a policy forum for young leaders across the world and associate fellow, ORF. She has authored a book and several papers on transboundary waters, climate change, disaster management, renewable energy and so on.