Family Constellation​

Family Constellation is a therapeutic method that takes place in a group with the help of a facilitator. It unleashes internal and external factors influencing the issue at hand and helps resolve the entanglements. It is based on the fact that an individual is part of a larger system. In order to change something, we need to look at the system within which an individual operates. A macroscopic view of the order, hierarchy, belonging and exchange provides insights.

This therapy is based on the principles of epigenetics, quantum physics, psychology and universal truths of existence.

Family Constellation finds its application in relationship issues, career blocks, financial loss, and health issues. It helps restore energy, balance, and resources in your life.

Resolve entanglements

Family Constellation (FC) re-establishes the natural order and hierarchy in the family, which when broken reflects as a block in relationships, finances, work, career and health down the family tree.

Closure from toxic relationships

FC helps get a closure on toxic, unhealthy and abusive relationships in our lives by delving deeper into the family hierarchy and history.

Evolve and grow your business

Organizational constellations helps businesses with intuitive management of the sales, administration and conflict resolutions. It helps businesses remove limitations that create a block in their growth.

Healing the Family System


System is more powerful than an individual.


During treatment, avoiding or covering up sensitive issues in a family system such as affairs, deaths, addictions, or traumas is likely to impede the healing process and perpetuate dysfunction. By making the covert overt, however, and re framing uncomfortable facts in a manner that makes them safer to discuss, a family systems therapist can help accelerate the healing process.