Inner Child Therapy​

Inner child work focuses on resolving the unmet needs of childhood, traumas and accidents that influences the current day personality. This work helps us to reconnect with our authentic self and brings resources to deal with relationship, financial, physical and mental issues.

This is one of the most powerful approaches to heal deep-seated beliefs that that no longer work for us. All the pent up emotions, confusing incidences, unresolved conflicts eventually create a disruption in our energy levels, mental peace, and a harmonious living. Addressing these is of utmost important to cultivate a life you truly desire.

Re-programming of Old Beliefs

Our beliefs create our reality. This therapy allows us to go back to the point of creation of the beliefs that no longer work for us and heal and integrate those lost parts.

Increase Creative and Intuitive Energy

Reclaim the childish enthusiasm, your original and authentic energy that you were born with. What would it take you to regain the creativity, fun, joy and curiosity you had as a child.

Heal Childhood Trauma Effectively

There is so much energy trapped in our past, especially the traumatic incidents and accidents. Healing the trauma is imperative to better our health, remove financial and career blocks, improve our relationship with self and others, and just so much more.

Integrating lost & forgotten parts of us


Feel whole again as who you truly are !

Inner child therapy uses the concept of the inner child to help people understand and heal emotional pain. It is not a single treatment method, but a collection of approaches that can work alone, or alongside other interventions.