Access Bars

Access Bars​

Learning to Receive

Our bodies have an awareness of its own. Sometimes known as the gut feeling or intuition but there is so much more to it. Over a period of time, we lose our ability to receive through the body owing to judgements, projections, rejections, expectations and separations. When the body stops to receive, a lot of issues start surfacing up in our lives. Pains, aches, illness, disease, loneliness, depression, money scarcity, relationship troubles, feeling of being stuck, disconnection, numbness, blankness, lack of sex drive, low energy and motivation, lack of support and so on.

We need to re-learn the art of receiving from ourselves, others, the nature and the earth to re-establish a communion with everything! That is the key to a harmonious and joyful living.
Access bars is a hands-on body process which removes negative charges that block body's receiving energy. It is a powerful process to regain the flow of energy, space, and consciousness.
It acts on 32 points on the brain which activates the electromagnetic field of the body, which in turn allows the body to receive with ease.
Are you willing to receive joy, acknowledgement, money, love and more? Do you feel somewhere you don't allow yourself to receive from others? Experience Access Bars to change this reality for you.

Cultivating a new reality

What would be possible if you had no fear, no form, no definitions and no reference points?

Create ease in your life

How beautiful would it be to have ease with the things we find difficult and challenging? 

Being Joyful

What would it feel like to be the energy of joy and exude happiness rather than striving to do things to make others happy?

Being You

What would it feel like to be YOU? Not as per the expectations of others, projections and judgements from the world. Who would you choose to be?