Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is mindful accupressure, which helps relieves symptoms quickly. It focuses on removing the negative beliefs causing the issue by tapping on micro-nerve endings of the body and using an empowerment statement. The process was first developed by Gary Craig inspired by the experiments of Dr. Roger Callahan. 

Our thoughts create our reality. Every pain, ache, and other discomforting symptoms can be traced back to an emotional distress. EFT helps releasing the pent up emotions and uses affirmation to create an integration.

Emotional Detox Toolkit

What would it take us not making us wrong for being emotional?

Relieve stress and anxiety

EFT helps reduce anxiety and stress in the moment or difficult situations by releasing excessive energy from the micro-nerve endings of the body. It even increases productivity and efficiency at work.

Deal with fear of judgements

EFT releases the negative energies related to the fear of judgement, rejection, separation, expectations. This tool comes in handy in tricky situations with people.

Eliminate pains and aches

EFT works on the physical and mental body to release the psychological cause of somatic pains and aches.