Theta healing

Theta healing is an in-person and distance healing modality, founded by Vianna Stibal. It improved mental, physical and emotional health by clearing the negative energy from the causal and energy body. This is known to be a hundred times more powerful than Reiki.

There are so many things that happen to us which doesn’t make sense or has no logic. As if there is a fog that surrounds the body that doesn’t allow us to see clearly what we need to see or do. Theta healing helps clear the fog, reduce the overwhelm, heal the hidden trauma and pains, and more. It also helps in reprogramming the mind which is challenging for the conscious mind to do.

Healing beyond the known

Allow the universe to contribute to you

Relief from brain fog & mental chatter

How many times do we zone out, feel foggy in the head and feel an intensity which we can’t explain logically? Theta healing helps remove the fog energetically to give us more clarity and energy to deal with our situations.

Reduce anger and rage

Have you ever felt angry for no reason or helpless for not being able to control it? How much damage has it caused in your life and living? Theta healing helps release the anger in a non-destructive manner to provide more ease to you.

Create boundaries

Most of us don’t know how to create boundaries to protect ourselves from negative, toxic and mean people. Theta healing helps create a boundary to secure us from unwanted and unwarranted  energetic attacks.